Hey Everybody Thanks for taking the time to come to my site I really Appreciate it!! This site is dedicated to all of our leaders who have been taken from us or have ascended and descended. I am a person who thinks deeply about life and the universe and for over 15 years now I have been on a quest for the truth about our history and origin. My goal is to understand existence, not just Human existence but existence itself, something from nothing seems impossible in this material world but as we grow closer to the universal force and get in tune with it the answers start to become more clear. I'm not a rich man I'm not a poor man but when it comes to experience and knowledge I consider myself to be wealthy from my investments in education, putting in years of reading, learning and studying and it has paid off handsomely. Those of you who watch my videos and have tuned in with me on this journey understand that the information I reveal is important to us, and the seriousness of my research is too great to keep to myself. I do not claim to know everything and I don't expect everyone to agree with my findings, but I think anyone who actually watches my content without bias knows for certain I make valid points and arguments, which many cannot be refuted, and I prove most of my findings or provide sources to encourage everyone and anyone with doubt to do their own research. My goal is to educate and bring to the light the facts about religion as well as African and world history. We as African people must understand that there is much more to our history then what we have been told and led to believe, we must not look to blame the white America of today for the errors of white America of yesterday, because in doing so we play into the enemy's hands at the cost of our own destruction. However we must understand that they have benefited greatly from the actions of their ancestors at the cost of our ancestors lives and freedom. We must first understand our past to realize why the present is the way that it is. Our minds have been corrupted with lies and false hope and that's something that must stop, I grew up poor lived in an abandoned run down home I faced many challenges in my life as we all have, but after careful researching I realized that only I had the power to save myself from a life of poverty so I worked hard to become successful. The problem with our people is we look to outside sources to fix our problems instead of looking at ourselves, we look to government or we look to god but we must realize that only we can fix our problems and that's as a whole and as individuals. I have traveled around the world and have met many people from many different races and they have all welcomed me with open arms and smiles, they have shown me places and things that I never before dreamed possible and in doing so have given me the understanding that we are all the same until we are taught that we are different. I challenge you to learn the truth about our reality, I challenge you to push your limits of understanding until you over stand!! I challenge those of you who are here to find flaws and negativity to actually watch and listen without bias, to not ignore the truth and facts to suite your own ego. Everyday we complain about the world and the direction it's headed, we struggle to understand why things are the way they are this Website is my attempt to explain why and hopefully it answers your questions and to help you on your journey.
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