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How lost we must be as a people to find entertainment in our own destruction little do most people know the plans and agenda of the elite are hidden in plain sight in our TV shows, movies and music! The Entertainment industry has become more followed, more worshiped and loved than religion has ever been and is in fact the new religion, instead of scribes writing and copying religious books, script writers are writing TV shows and movies. More people pack concerts and movie theaters a year than churches and places of worship and many of those people call themselves Christians, Jews and Muslims. The Hip hop music industry has been used to destroy the black community for years, it has caused countless murders and led to many African Americans being incarcerated, many children have grown up without fathers and mothers due to drug abuse and drug dealing all of which are promoted and glorified in the music industry. The entertainment industry has created a world that puts pressure on people to conform to, the hip hop music industry has destroyed the image of African American men and women. The problem is people are so captivated by celebrities and by their music that they don't want to see the flaws or their actions. The videos on this channel will show you the hidden deceptions of the entertainment industry many of which are hidden in plain sight. The key to fixing the problems in the African American Community is to control what drives the African American community and that's the hip hop culture! If we don't change the culture those who control the culture will continue to control the black community and it will continue to be in poverty and full of drugs and crime. Hopefully these videos will give you the insight to see the truth and change the way you view the entertainment industry!
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