Islam is the fastest growing religion today but the reasons why is not because the religion is true or because people believe the religion is correct, but because Islam is being forced on people in poverty in, 3rd world countries. Many Africans are converted out of fear, Africans are being enslaved by African and Arab Muslims and forced to convert. Terrorist groups like ISIS and Boko Baram are cutting off the heads of Christians and blowing up innocent men, women and children in the name of their religious beliefs. These videos below will show the facts about Islam and with the proof tells us about the religion, many Muslims follow Islam based on what they have been told and how Islam makes them feel about the Religion. Since people are so emotionally attached to the religion they will not accept any truth against it! This in No way takes away from the proven facts against Islam and it brings it all to two simple choices blind faith against proven facts and history. If you accept faith then there is no argument you can have against facts, because faith bares no facts to support what it asks of you and that's to simply believe! After you watch these videos you will no longer simply believe you will have the facts that will show you the truth of Islam and the people who created it and control it.
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The Truth About Islam & The Force That Controls It In Plain Sight!

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