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Science has become the rightful enemy of religion and faith to religious people except when it's being used to validate anything religious! There is something in this world called proven facts and when up against faith a proven fact should always win hands down no contest! The problem is religious people will not always accept the findings and results of scientific facts. This becomes especially challenging when debating a religious person who will not accept the clear proven facts of science! What we all must understand is science like math can be calculated, solved and proven and can be as simple as saying one plus one is two and anyone who will not accept one plus one equals two is someone you shouldn't be having a conversation with! So in debating a religious person who believes a 500 year old man can spend 100 years building an ark and put two of every animal on it or that a man can walk on water or survive three days in a big fish! Science is not needed to simply say these people are not being logical and you should probably stop debating with them. The videos on this page deal in many scientific areas and will shed some light on many of the questions you may be pondering. Science can sometimes be overwhelming in it's explanations and could yield some pretty unbelievable results that may seem untrue or far fetched. I explain my results and give my sources and make everything easy for anyone to understand and hopefully these videos can answer many of your question and put you on the right track in your journey.

Human Energy,  The Dream World & Mediation in Relation

Human History The origin of All the Races of People

2of2 Quantum Physics/ Mechanics Consciousness & Reality

WTF Are They Doing to Are Foods?

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1of2 Quantum Physics/ Mechanics Consciousness & Reality

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