1of2 The Calculated Destruction of The Black Man & Woman

The Problem White America Has With The African American Community

The Problem African Americans Have With White America

The Many Hidden Accomplishments of African People

2of2 The Calculated Destruction of The Black Man & Woman

(full) History of The Image of African Americans in The Media

33 Minutes on Why Cops can Legally Mistreat Black People

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What African Americans Won't Realize is The Problem & Solution

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The Black Community of today was planned before we ever step foot out of the segregated communities of the 1960's. Every step we made as a people since desegregation has led us to poverty, drug addiction and incarceration. We must look at these as a planned attack and realize that the only way we can correct these problems is as a united people. We must stop looking to the Government to solve the economic, social And Political problem we face, we are the only ones who can fix them. Any race that allows another race or group of people to control their economic, social and political issues will be controlled by that race or group. Education is the key understanding the past will help us understand why things are the way that they are! Our history does not begin with slavery we come from kingdoms that existed long before any European King or Monarch ever existed and we can prove our history! The Answer to how we were enslaved is simple the invention of the firearm and the fear of retaliation, the fact that no matter what we do as a people as long as we are united we cannot lose! Look at our situation today we are not united and we are ignorant of our history and far too many of us are too dependent on religion to save us. The Videos on this page are to help us understand what has taken place and the traps that are in place to keep us down and under control!

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